Hasbro Gaming Stranger Things Palace

Gamers and fans of stranger things can imagine going back to the golden age of video games that’s explored throughout the Netflix original series. This portable mini arcade unit is packed with 20 games inspired by nostalgic games from the 1980S. It includes some of the video games that Mike, will, Lucas, Dustin, Mad Max, and other characters are seen playing within the show. Try your hand at Pac-Man, dig Dug, Galaga, Galaxian, and other games inspired by those that were popular in the 80S.Awesome 80S inspired arcade action: blast back to the 1980S and the world of stranger things with 20 arcade games
Based on some video games played at the Palace arcade in the show: play some of everyone’s favorite games from the Palace arcade seen on the Netflix original series, stranger things
Includes Bandai Namco entertainment classic games and more: Play Bandai Namco entertainment classic games such as Pac-Man, dig Dug, galaga, galaxian, and other arcade games inspired by the 1980S
Handheld game for teens and adults: This electronic arcade game is great for fans of the Netflix original series, stranger things; the 1-Player handheld game is for ages 14 and up

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