Mirror Maze Product Details

•  Experience and Success
   We bring over 32 years of combined experience in the design, construction, ownership, operation and management of mazes. We have constructed world famous mirror mazes at twelve leading tourist destinations; ten in the U.S., one in Canada, and one in Sweden. Each mirror maze business has consistently experienced financial and economic growth. Most markets are yet to discover this enormous potential and assured success. Without exception, our specially designed mazes are guaranteed to yield a year-to-year profit, extremely low overhead, and a virtually maintenance free cash business. This is evidenced by the operation of all K&P mirror mazes to date.

•  Design and Construction
   K&P works side-by-side with one of the country’s top design teams, utilizing state-of-the-art graphics and materials, as well as staying current with the latest and most recent advances in graphic and design technology.

We provide the complete service needed for 100% completion of each maze. All matters associated with the construction of the maze are handled efficiently by us. We at K&P are among the very few service providers who handle all matters (construction, contracting, materials and training) before you ever open your doors for business.

•  Start-Up/Operations
   K&P provides the buyer with a 100% finished product ready for immediate, profitable business. Drawing from experience and a winning formula, we divulge all information necessary for the successful management and operation of your maze business. We include all start-up materials needed for day-to-day operations and also provide an exclusive training session for you and your employees. This includes information on all aspects of operating a maze with 100% success, drawing from our many years of experience in the ownership, operation and management of mirror mazes. Our efforts are designed to ensure the buyer a straightforward understanding of our simple-to-operate business.

•  Quality
   We at K&P take pride in our unsurpassed level of quality and attention to detail. We use only the highest quality materials to promote extreme durability, as well as years of low maintenance and trouble-free operation. Our mazes continue to withstand extreme amounts of foot traffic and tourism. Our mazes are built with handcrafted, quality materials and constructed with extreme precision to ensure absolute structural strength and integrity, as well as an astounding visual appearance and effect.

We encourage everyone to visit any of our world famous mirror maze locations to see first-hand the potential of this business and to join in the Amazing Experience!

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